About Us

Our Beginnings

The Catholic Development Fund (formerly Catholic Church Development Fund) was established by the late Monsignor John Lennon in 1964 to provide financial security for the Diocese in its mission to promote and support the religious and charitable work of the parishes, schools and institutions of the Roman Catholic Trust Corporation for the Diocese of Cairns.

A Unique Opportunity to Support the Cairns Diocese

Clergy, staff and diocesan entities may contribute to the religious and charitable works of the Diocese by placing monies with the Fund, with the knowledge that these monies will be used to assist the Diocese in developing and continuing its work.

Investing with CDF will allow you to earn a great return on your funds. It will also reward you with a strong feeling of community pride the next time you visit a Catholic church, school or community facility. After all, it will be your dollars that helped the dream become a reality. How? Members' funds are used to enable diocesan and parish projects to be completed at low costs – in other words our parishes, schools and diocesan groups do not have to borrow money commercially.

Without the CDF, the Diocese would have to operate through a financial institution on a commercial basis, resulting in increased costs, loss of internal control and potentially a reduction in some of the charitable work of the Diocese. The Fund is a very practical, indeed an indispensable part of the life and mission of the Diocese of Cairns.

Some recent examples of how the CDF has helped the diocese include: assistance in financing school building works at Redlynch, Mareeba and Cairns City, financing part of the refurbishment of Tully Church and financing repairs to Innisfail Church following damage caused by Cyclone Larry.

St Andrews College, Redlynch

Lennon Hall, St Augustines College

St Clare's Church, Tully

St Stephens College, Mareeba

Mother of Good Counsel Church, Innisfail

St Stephen's College, Mareeba