Diocesan Customers


The CDF provides a wide range of financial services, including CDF Online to the following Catholic entities:

  • Parishes
  • Schools
  • Religious Congregations
  • Diocesan Agencies, e.g. Centacare
  • Catholic Church Organisations
A) Account Options:

  • Loan Accounts
  • Cheque Accounts
  • Fixed Term Investments
  • Savings Accounts
  • Staff Christmas Saver Account
B) Additional Services:

  • Direct Debit, BPAY Biller and EFTPOS facilities.
  • CDF Online

A) Account Options:

Loan Accounts

The CDF considers loans for any capital project to all Catholic Church groups. The Fund aims to provide loans to Diocesan entities at a cost lower than commercially available outside the Diocese. Loans for construction, restoration, refurbishment or simply the purchase of equipment such as computers or photocopiers are all available.

If you wish to enquire about a loan please contact the Fund on 07 4046 5615 or email office@cdfcairns.com.au  .We would be happy to come and talk to you about your CDF accounts and any funding questions you may have.

Advantages of a CDF Loan

  • Partnership - common Catholic mission and goals
  • Simple approach - no mountains of paperwork to fill in
  • Absolutely no fees or charges - no exit charges
  • Personal service
  • Supporting our Church and community

To view the interest rate for loan accounts click here.

To print a loan application form, click here.

Cheque Accounts

The CDF uses the National Australia Bank (NAB) to manage cheque processing. CDF cheque accounts are only available to Catholic Religious Groups or any sub-entity of that group. You can deposit at any branch of the NAB but must contact the CDF if you need information or assistance.

There are no account keeping fees, but fees charged to us by the NAB such as transaction fees, dishonoured cheques and stop payment requests do apply. When you open a cheque account you will receive a cheque book and deposit book linked directly to your account. Authorised cheque signatory forms link to cheque signatory form must be completed and all persons signing on a CDF cheque account must be properly identified link to 100 point ID form.

You will receive a monthly statement from the CDF or you can establish internet access link to CDF Online section on your cheque account for reconciliation purposes.

If you wish to open a cheque account please contact the Fund on 07 4046 5615. We would be happy to come and talk to you about your CDF accounts and any cheque account questions you may have.

click here for a cheque account application form.

Fixed Term Investments

    • Fixed term - 3 months only
    • Competitive rates of interest
    • Minimum investment only $1,000.00

To view the interest rates for term investment accounts click here.

click here for a fixed term investment account application form.

Savings Accounts
  • Funds available, earning a competitive rate of interest
  • Interest calculated daily and paid twice yearly
To view the interest rates for savings accounts click here . Click here for a savings account application form.

Staff Christmas Saver Account

The Staff Christmas Saver Account is the perfect way for you to save for your holiday expenses. Deposits are through payroll deductions so you can save systematically and effortlessly. Withdrawals cannot be made from the account during the year so you won’t be tempted to raid your savings early. On 01 December each year the balance of the account will be automatically transferred into an existing CDF savings account or an external account, allowing plenty of time to spend the money before the festive period.

Interest is paid on 30 November each year, at a very competitive rate.

Benefits of opening a Staff Christmas Saver Account:

  • Great interest rate
  • No fees.
  • Payroll deduction is an effortless and convenient way to save.
  • Your Christmas savings will transfer automatically into your savings account on 01 December each year, ready to spend before the holidays. To view the interest rates for Staff Christmas Saver accounts click here link to interest rate page
Click here for a Staff Christmas Saver account application form.

B) Additional Services:

Direct Debit, BPAY Biller and EFTPOS facilities.

The CDF offers direct debit, BPAY Biller and EFTPOS facilities via the NAB for the collection of planned giving and school fees.

Parishioners and parents can make regular payments directly from their account at a financial institution simply by filling in a one page form. The funds are credited directly into the parish or school’s CDF account. The advantages of the direct debit system are many - reduction in cash handling for staff and a more consistent regular commitment being just two great reasons to promote this method in your parish and school.

Many schools have also equipped themselves with EFTPOS terminals so that fees can be paid with a credit or debit card. The world is fast becoming a cashless society and many people wish to pay fees with their cards, especially when so many are now linked to reward schemes.

BPAY Biller has recently been introduced by the CDF and allows parents to pay school fees over the telephone or online.

If you wish to find out more about the direct debit, BPAY Biller or EFTPOS facilities offered by the CDF to our schools and parishes please contact the Fund on 07 4046 5615 or email office@cdfcairns.com.au

CDF Online

CDF Online is the online software used by CDF customers, which will save time for Church clients in many ways:

CDF Online
    • View accounts
    • Print Statements
    • Transfer Funds
    • Upload creditor batch files and pay online

To apply for CDF Online please contact the Fund on 07 4046 5615 or email office@cdfcairns.com.au.  We will arrange a personal visit for training purposes if necessary.

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