Term Investments

If you do not need to access your money on a daily basis, why not take out a term investment with the CDF and at the same time support the religious and charitable works of the church in Cairns.

To view and print a term investment account opening form, click here. To open the account, simply fill in the details on the form and bring it together with 100 points of I.D. to our office at 130 Lake Street, Cairns (next door to the Cathedral).

Term investments pay a higher rate of interest. To view the interest rates for term investment accounts click here.

The amount you invest plus the interest earned is available on the day the investment matures. The investment can be re-invested (principle plus interest or principle only) or matured and paid back to you on the day it matures. There are no fees charged on term investment accounts.

An account with the CDF is aiding the mission of our diocese, and is an ethical investment. The CDF has been established for over 40 years and all funds are guaranteed by the total assets of the diocese.